Tom Pitfield to star in Eat Shop Save

Tom Pitfield – Eat Shop Save

Eat Shop Save is a consumer series, giving the audience advice on how to eat better, cook smarter and save money on their weekly shop.

Fronted by Ranvir Singh, alongside fitness consultant Tom,  chef and nutritionist Dale Pinnock and finance guru Gemma Godfrey, the four-part series airs on ITV1 this Summer.

In each 30-minute episode, Ranvir sets families an eight-week challenge to get fitter, eat better, and save money on their shopping.

 In a time of rising inflation, with families feeling burned out, when weekly grocery budgets are being stretched by high prices at the checkouts, and with the UK being the second most obese country in Europe, Ranvir and her team of experts meet a new family each week, who are facing a range of issues.

 They include a couple addicted to expensive take-away pizzas, a family whose teatimes are based around processed freezer food, a dad who needs to lose weight or face potential health issues like diabetes and heart disease, and a widowed mum who feels like her children only eat chicken dippers and chips.

Executive Producer Mike Blair said: “Like many people, these families have found themselves in a cycle of busy lives, not always making the best food choices and often spending too much. Ranvir and the team are supporting them in a lifestyle makeover – literally helping to eat shop and save better.”

Fitness consultant Tom Pitfield said: “Fitting exercise into your day is never easy when you’ve got children to look after. But I wanted to show the families in the series that finding just 15 minutes a day can make all the difference. And you don’t need an expensive gym – these routines can be done in your own living room, so it couldn’t be easier to get fit and healthy.”

Presenter Ranvir Singh said: “I was thrilled with the results the families achieved, from losing weight to spending more time together. But the real eye-opener for me was how much money everyone saved, because most people, including me, reckon being healthy costs loads more, but my team proved the absolute opposite is true!”